Experienced Hire Corporate Finance

Getting started

If you already have a number of years of professional experience, ideally acquired in an investment bank or in Corporate Finance, join goetzpartners as an Experienced Hire. Your entry level will depend on your industry experience, subject matter and management expertise. As an Experienced Hire, you take charge of the execution of M&A and Corporate Finance projects. You steer projects or key workstreams and lead or support negotiations with clients and potential investors. In addition, you take on leadership responsibilities and support younger colleagues in their professional and personal development.

The career pathway of Experienced Hires is highly individual, and depends on your entry level. If you join us as a "First Year Associate", you will reach the next level - Associate Director - within around three years. After a further three years you can be promoted to Director. The pathway to Managing Director depends primarily on accomplishment of individual goals.

Developing talent

In addition to classic on-the-job training, we offer a variety of opportunities for you to develop and grow both professionally and personally, and to progress your career in the direction you wish.


The goetzpartners Academy offers training specific to your level, and accompanies you throughout your career. As an Experienced Hire, your training will focus on personal development, building your expertise, and your leadership and sales skills. 
Alongside the standard training calendar, you also have the opportunity to take part in selected courses outside the goetzpartners Academy, and to attend seminars and conferences.


By your side from day one: your mentor. He or she will make sure you settle in and help you with any questions you have about your career. You will receive regular, constructive feedback as part of project evaluations, which you can channel into actively progressing your own development. Feedback is a two-way process at goetzpartners: you are regularly invited to give your feedback on your direct colleagues in our 360-degree program.


With 14 offices worldwide, goetzpartners offers a range of touchpoints for people to collaborate and share insights across national borders - particularly in our cross-border transactions, where international teams cooperate closely. There is also regular opportunity to engage with international colleagues on issues such as market analysis, valuation indicators, potential acquisition targets and investors.

Recruiting process

You can apply as an Experienced Hire at any time. Please send us your complete application with cover letter and CV. We shall carefully review your application, and give you our response shortly afterwards.


The recruiting day is all about getting to know one other and exploring the fit - professional and personal - between potential recruits and goetzpartners. We present our company, give insights into how we work, and answer all your questions.

You will usually have up to six interviews with various colleagues at senior level. This approach ensures you have a good idea of the people you will be working with should you join us. We shall give you our final decision shortly after the recruiting day.