Analyst (MBA/PhD) Corporate Finance

Getting started

With a PhD or MBA, you join goetzpartners as an Analyst. Right from your first day on the job, you support the project team as a full member, and work on M&A and Corporate Finance transactions. You work on finance and valuation models, Information Memoranda and other presentations, and attend client meetings with the team. In addition, your daily work will include research and the detailed analysis of industries, relevant competitors and buyer and seller groups.

After approximately three years at Analyst level, you are promoted to Associate. In this role you will already be responsible for operational execution of M&A and Corporate Finance projects.

MY FIRST 100 DAYSSven Langelahn | Analyst

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Developing talent

In addition to classic on-the-job training, we offer a variety of opportunities for you to develop and grow both professionally and personally, and to progress your career in the direction you wish.


The goetzpartners Academy makes you fit for consultancy practice, and ensures you have a steep learning curve. Within their first few months, new recruits spend a week at an International Boot Camp: a busy agenda with training to build hard and soft skills, teambuilding, and also lots of fun. You will undergo other training specific to your level throughout your entire career at goetzpartners, as well as special-subject training such as our Digital Bootcamp, and will also have individual opportunities for professional development.


By your side from day one: your mentor. He or she will make sure you settle in and help you with any questions you have about your career. Your project team will take care of coaching in everyday practice, and you will receive regular, constructive feedback as part of project evaluations, which you can channel into actively progressing your own development. Feedback is a two-way process at goetzpartners: you are regularly invited to give your feedback on colleagues or project managers in our 360-degree program.


Corporate Finance projects are usually handled from the respective location, which means there are few opportunities for international assignments in project work. However, there are close working relationships with our international offices, with particularly strong collaboration in cross-border transactions. We regularly work not just across borders but also across unit boundaries, offering Management Consulting and Corporate Finance Services in combination. In addition, you have the opportunity to spend 6-12 months at another goetzpartners location under our Office Transfer Program.

Recruiting process

If you are planning to join us as an Analyst, you should apply four months in advance of your preferred start date. Applications are welcome at any time. Please send us your complete application with cover letter and CV. We shall carefully review your application, and give you our response shortly afterwards.


The recruiting day is all about getting to know one other and exploring the fit - professional and personal - between potential recruits and goetzpartners. We present our company, give insights into how we work, and answer all your questions.

You will usually have up to seven interviews at the recruiting day. As well as sessions where you present yourself, there will also be technical interviews on subjects such as corporate valuation, analysis of financial statements, and accounting. If your personal and technical expertise convinces us, you participate in further interviews at Senior level. You are told of the final decision within a few days.