Interviews in
Management Consulting

How to prepare

Case studies and brain teasers are an integral part of every Recruitment Day. These are usually based on real-life cases, which gives you a realistic impression of our everyday project practice. Prepare by reading relevant literature on the main topics (e.g. Strategy, Finance & Business Development) and attend workshops beforehand.

In the discussion itself, you will assume the role of adviser.


A good understanding of the status quo is always the basis for developing a solution. Take the time to examine the situation from all angles, use the available material and feel free to ask questions. (Because usually the material does not give a complete picture of the situation.)


Once you have understood the various interdependencies within the company and industry, you can articulate the area of concern you are looking to address. You can only develop a solution if you have correctly recorded and classified the problem.


There is no single right solution. Your goal should be to derive meaningful options for action from the previous analysis. Besides the “what”, also think of the “how” of your presentation – this is very important. Structure your answers, work with diagrams or graphs, and make use of flipcharts or other media. Present your ideas confidently, and do not be thrown by questions during your presentation. If you succeed in doing this, you are bound to convince the jury.