goetzpartners is LEADING EMPLOYER

We belong to the TOP 1% of all employers in Germany!

Awarded for excellent employer quality

goetzpartners is awarded as LEADING EMPLOYER 2021 and thus belongs to the TOP 1% of all employers in Germany. We were particularly successful in the categories Employer Excellence, Satisfaction, Talent Communication, Recommended by Employees and Social Media.

The award reflects the success of the company's shared value culture, which focuses on the people. In addition to the strong team spirit, employees appreciate the opportunity to quickly take on responsibility, contribute their own ideas and actively help shape the company.

With professional talent communication, also via social media, goetzpartners succeeds in bringing the right people on board and thus provide a first-class consulting team for our clients.


We are convinced that a strong corporate culture is the foundation for entrepreneurial success and also plays a decisive role in the 'war for talents'. That is why we consistently promote a positive corporate culture with numerous measures. The LEADING EMPLOYERS survey is an important tool for us to ensure that we are on the right track with our initiatives.

Dr Stephan Goetz
Founder and Managing Partner


LEADING EMPLOYERS is an independently conducted survey that represents the world's most comprehensive study of employer qualities in the meta-analysis format. More than 200 sources and several million metadata flow into the evaluations. In total, over 100,000 companies were included in the study.

The meta-analysis focuses on a holistic approach considering all the key aspects that make up an outstanding employer: good working conditions and occupational safety, employee satisfaction, value perception, environmental awareness, HR expertise, talent communication and corporate image. The award highlights those employers who succeed in creating a company for people, valuing them, and offering a high-quality working environment and outstanding working conditions.