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Empathy and mutual respect aren’t just empty phrases at goetzpartners. The way we see it, it’s natural that we stand up for each other, and work as one for the things we believe in. This is what sets us apart – just like the engaging, almost family-like atmosphere in our company, which gives goetzpartners its unique spirit and cohesion.


We have the confidence to engage with the hard challenges, and collaboration is honest and respectful. Each person is able to express concerns or constructive criticism. As a result, everyone knows where they stand. This builds trust within the team and with our clients.


We commit fully, bring our hearts and minds to the project, and are dedicated to making it work. It’s easy for us, because we enjoy taking on a challenge as a team.


We’re convinced that every voice, anywhere in the company, is important. Everyone can contribute ideas, move an initiative forward, or assume responsibility. Every voice is heard. As a result, we have the confidence to express our views openly and honestly, both to colleagues and our clients, and speak with the voice of the entrepreneur.


We want to bring about real change – to evolve continuously as a company, and create genuine added value for our clients. We deliver our results reliably; moreover, we bring the people in the client organization on side – essentially the only way to make the undertaking a long-term success.

Meet our people

Robert Associate, Munich Corporate Finance
»goetzpartners expects a lot – but also trusts you to take your own initiative.goetzpartners expects a lot – but also trusts you...« read more
Sarah Senior Consultant, Dubai Management Consulting
»What I especially like about goetzpartners – the open and amicable way one has with one another!What I especially like about goetzpartners – the...« read more
Dina Analyst, Paris Corporate Finance
»Working with such ambitious colleagues presents us with the opportunity to grow and develop every day.Working with such ambitious colleagues presents us...« read more
Kim Consultant, Munich Management Consulting
»Even as a junior, you have the chance to shape projects and contribute your own ideas. From the very beginning, you are given a lot of trust and you get exciting insights.Even as a junior, you have the chance to shape...« read more
Toni Manager, Munich Management Consulting
»At goetzpartners you engage with people as equals, regardless of their position in the company. This is a part of our culture which I particularly appreciate.At goetzpartners you engage with people as equals,...« read more
Meet our people
Nirnay Senior Consultant, Dubai Management Consulting
»In projects we become part of the client’s teams. Sometimes they even seem to forget we’re external consultants. For me it is a very good sign!In projects we become part of the client’s teams....« read more
Fabio Associate, Munich Corporate Finance
»goetzpartners brings together different mindsets from Private Equity to Management Consulting, thereby creating a unique identity within the company.goetzpartners brings together different mindsets...« read more
Adelin Associate Director, Munich Corporate Finance
»Whatever your position, at goetzpartners you get as much responsibility as you can take, right from your first day.Whatever your position, at goetzpartners you get...« read more
Alissa Senior Consultant, Milan Management Consulting
»Our focus is on excellence and results but at the end of the day it is about the people.Our focus is on excellence and results but at the...« read more
Felix Senior Consultant, Munich Management Consulting
»In my experience, two aspects truly differentiate goetzpartners from other consultancies: First, our people and the unique culture. Second, our ability to take our proposed concepts into practice.In my experience, two aspects truly differentiate...« read more
Elena Consultant, Munich Management Consulting
»We are consultants but think and act like entrepreneurs.We are consultants but think and act like...« read more
Sebastian Senior Consultant, Munich Management Consulting
»goetzpartners gives every individual the opportunity to continuously develop themselves - both in the context of exciting projects as well as through individual training concepts.goetzpartners gives every individual the...« read more
Xiaojing Associate, Shanghai Corporate Finance
»goetzpartners has a truly international feel. There are many opportunities to collaborate with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.goetzpartners has a truly international feel....« read more
Florian Associate, Munich Private Equity
»goetzpartners offers highly demanding projects in a family-like atmosphere.goetzpartners offers highly demanding projects in...« read more


Projects always work best when very different talents bring their personality and individual strengths to bear on the challenge. In our view, this is a genuinely compelling reason why we want to inspire many more talented women to join goetzpartners. Through our initiative women@goetzpartners, we actively seek female advisors, nurture their talent with dedicated training and coaching, and progress their careers through networking and mentoring programs. Our commitment goes far beyond recruitment. Once our female advisors are on board, we accompany them throughout their personal career path.

We offer female advisors platforms on which to network and exchange news and views. For example, we organize regular events with noteworthy female guest speakers from business; there is also the opportunity to participate in external networking events and conferences.

In addition to your on-the-job training, you are equipped for consultancy practice through the goetzpartners Academy. Whatever your level, you will experience a steep learning curve at the Academy, knowledge-wise and in terms of personal development. Classical tool training, seminars on special subjects and soft-skill training courses are complemented by coaching and online seminars specifically for women – such as Female Future Force. An experienced female mentor is at your side from day one, and is your first point of contact for any questions you have about your career.

To sustain a successful career, it should be compatible with your personal interests and passions, and whatever else is happening in your life. This takes considerable flexibility – which is what goetzpartners provides. We offer various part-time working models (including 10+2/11+1) or the possibility to take a complete sabbatical break – for the family, further education or just to follow a dream. At goetzpartners, male and female colleagues alike appreciate and make use of this opportunity.


In my experience, mixed teams simply work together best, and that’s why they achieve better results. So for me it’s a clear priority to consistently promote diversity at our company.

Susanne Kindler
Management Consulting


Everyday project practice is one thing, but engaging with people outside of projects, networking or just having fun is also an important part of our culture. We meet outside of the office on many different occasions – official and unofficial. One highlight is certainly our Company Retreat, which takes places every two years, alternating with an international Christmas party. People from all the goetzpartners offices worldwide come together to inspire and be inspired, take part in workshops and team building, get to know their colleagues in person and exchange ideas.

There are also various leisure-type events – such as the goetzpartners Ironman, our table football or Golf Cup, the TransAlp, sailing and skiing weekends.

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