Director, Munich,
Corporate Finance

Why goetzpartners

I joined goetzpartners over seven years ago, because – apart from its strong position in the mid-market M&A landscape – it looked like a company that encourages entrepreneurial thinking, is flexible but goal-oriented both internally and with its clients and promotes self-development. My impression was confirmed and even reinforced over time, all the more impressive considering that the number of employees has quadrupled since I joined. goetzpartners gives people as much responsibility as they can take, right from the first day. We can develop in our preferred direction, and ultimately make a difference.


While each project is unique and presents different challenges of its own, my most challenging project so far was the sale of a regional industry leader to a global competitor. Even though the players were active in the same industry and represented the same stage in the value chain, their size and cultural differences introduced a new dimension of complexity. As a sell-side advisor, we not only managed the smooth execution of a competitive process, but also acted as a buffer for cultural dissimilarities. We had to ensure the structural and reporting expectations of a large player were met by our much smaller client. Successfully completing such projects is what makes the work so exciting.


One of the advantages of working for such an entrepreneurial company is the wide variety of development opportunities. In addition to joint projects with colleagues from other business units and offices, goetzpartners offers an exchange program through which people can spend six months in a company office in another country. There are also extensive training and professional development opportunities, including MBA/PhD degrees and sabbaticals.

Last but not least, goetzpartners organizes a variety of events, where people can meet outside of a work setting, such as multi-day company events, team spirit events and table football tournaments.


I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Questrom School of Business at Boston University, specializing in Finance and International Management with a Minor in Economics. During this time, I spent a semester in London. Before joining goetzpartners, I worked for Citigroup in London, HSBC in New York and a small private equity fund in Boston. I am currently working on my PhD in valuation across the business cycle at the Politehnica University Timisoara.