Manager, Munich,
Management Consulting

Why goetzpartners

I did an internship at goetzpartners during my Master’s program, and it made a lasting impression. Even though there was some time between my internship and joining goetzpartners, I was welcomed back by the team as if I’d never been away!


We were mandated by one of the largest logistics and transportation companies in Europe to assess their “readiness for digitalization” within their factories. It was very interesting to see what impact digital transformation has on a traditional industrial company, and what efforts such a firm has to take to adapt its mode of operation, its employees’ mindsets, and so on, to be prepared for the future. The critical success factor is to convince people to break free of familiar practices and to believe in the new digitalized company.


Outside of projects, I support the company with recruitment activities, and lead an internal initiative that focuses on generating and collecting ideas and feedback from juniors, and channeling this information to management. But goetzpartners also provides opportunities to do things quite separate from the company. For example, I took a sabbatical leave in early 2017, and used the time to travel around Central America. It was a perfect way to relax and re-energize. I enjoy exploring new places, so I’m glad that goetzpartners provides me with the opportunity to take on international projects.


After finishing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Passau, I studied at ESCP Europe in London, Paris and Berlin. It was an exciting time, and I interned in many different firms and industries, including investment banking, the automotive industry, and even a spell at the European Parliament. This really broadened my horizon, and the experience has been a benefit in my work at goetzpartners.