Associate, Munich,
Corporate Finance

Why goetzpartners

As a junior in the Corporate Finance branch at goetzpartners you hit the ground running. You are encouraged to take on responsibility early on through which you grow tremendously. This is very different to traditional investment banks and something that made me want to join the outstanding team at goetzpartners.


Since starting in Corporate Finance at goetzpartners I have had the opportunity to work on several joint projects together with our Management Consultants. These projects were often the most challenging but also the most rewarding. This has allowed me to not only gain additional experience in management consulting but also the opportunity to work at the goetzpartners’ international office in Milan.


After a specialized master’s degree in Entrepreneurship at EMLyon, I spent a couple of months working at the school incubator on a project to create an online real-estate agency. The project was a fantastic learning experience and gave me a taste for challenges. After that, naturally, I decided to apply for M&A positions to build my resilience and stamina and learn to multi-task and manage projects.