Manager, Munich, Management Consulting

Why goetzpartners

After having mainly executed IT projects for several years, it became increasingly clear to me that in most cases digitization is not failing because of technical hurdles but due to the missing willingness or ability of an organization to change. As a result, I decided to drive digitization in the future rather as transformation project embedded in a companywide program instead of concentrating on minor IT changes. At this point I was looking for an experienced transformation consultancy with a strong track record and I that’s how why I decided to contact goetzpartners.

My most challenging project

My most challenging project was the reorganization of a medium-sized telecommunications company located in several European countries. Although the company was growing extremely fast, the unchecked growth of the processes created a cost intensive lack of transparency and inefficiency. As the team lead of the agile transformation stream breaking down disciplinary and processual silos, I should have been in all countries parallelly at the same time to take the concerns and needs of each department seriously. However, we solved the situation by splitting and rotating the team to constantly show our presence in every country. At the end the project was a great success, nevertheless I remember the high coordination efforts, the different cultures to deal with as well as the long travel times that made this project my most challenging one to date.

Beyond projects

There are many different possibilities to get engaged beyond projects. I am for example involved in the goetzpartners CSR initiative Plant a Talent, helping refugees get started in the German labor market by creating compelling CVs and cover letters together or practicing interview situations. The kids are really motivated, and I enjoy the sessions very much especially when we are notified that one of our kids got an apprenticeship.

I also contribute to one of our speaker series called DEX by assuming the role of moderator, leading the evening and bridging the time between the sessions. For me this was and is a great chance to grow as other employers do not typically provide this type of possibilities to non-senior members.

Finally, one of the most important non-work-related activities with colleagues for me remains our running group at lunch time, helping us keep active and fit even in times of above average workloads. It’s a great opportunity to clear my mind while enjoying the flowing river as our office is located directly next to the Isar jogging trail.

My personal background

I graduated in business informatics (M.Sc.) from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and specialized in computer science as well as supply chain management. Studying the interface between technology and business pushed me into the world of transformation, giving me the basis to understand why change is needed while also comprehending its technical, financial and human limits. Based on my time as a programmer during my years of study, I worked as an IT and transformation consultant for more than 4 years in Germany and internationally. During that time, I also lived for 6 months in the UK to incorporate their view on digital transformation and IT. My international experiences, the two-sided studies as well as my technical background enabled me to be truly accepted and be listened to by technical and business-related customers.