Consultant, Munich, Private Equity

Why goetzpartners

After having completed internships in management consulting and M&A, I was looking for a working student position that would promote my personal development. During the following months in the Private Equity Practice at goetzpartners, I was involved in challenging and interesting tasks in a team that supported me and always gave me the feeling of being a full-fledged team member, even if I was "only" a working student. And this is how the company ticks – flat hierarchies and an open almost family-like company culture. I appreciated this a lot and liked the wide variety of projects combining Private Equity, Consulting and Corporate Finance. When goetzpartners offered me a full-time position, I didn’t have to think about it long before saying yes.


In my most challenging project we had to conduct a bankable buy-side Due Diligence on an industrial company which manufactured very specialized products within an intricate market environment. Due to the high time constraints and the complexity of the company, this project was outstandingly challenging. It allowed me to strengthen my ability to cope with complicated situations and deliver solutions efficiently. As we are entrusted with a high degree of responsibility from the Analyst level on, I had the opportunity to work intensively with the people from the Private Equity fund as well as with renowned industry experts in this field, which was a great experience.


As a member of our CSR team, I took part in several events last year, where we supported school students in finding suitable employers; we also gave guidance to teachers on how to help their students to set up a start-up or helped refugees to prepare their CVs. It was fun to work with the kids and it is always great to hear, when they found an apprenticeship.

Moreover, I’m involved in further internal projects such as the organization of the goetzpartners Ironman, which is a company-wide sports competition, or our university recruiting and marketing activities.


I studied Economics at the University of Heidelberg, completed my Master’s in Business Administration at the LMU in Munich and spent semesters abroad in Spain and the Netherlands. During my studies I worked for SAP, Capgemini, EY, a Munich Start-Up and for goetzpartners as a working student. Besides my professional and academic development, I worked for the student organization AIESEC Heidelberg for a year, where I engaged as CFO and additionally supported a social project in Costa Rica for two months.