Consultant, Shanghai,
Management Consulting

Why goetzpartners

Someone of the goetzpartners team told me, “At goetzpartners, it doesn’t matter whether you have an established track record in an industry, or whether you left university campus yesterday: joining goetzpartners will open up a brand new world for you, and give you opportunities to take your career wherever you want.” That statement made a lasting impression. And since I’ve been with the company, I can say it’s certainly true.


We’re currently working with a Chinese high-tech start-up on its A-round capital raise. It’s typical for the many joint projects between Corporate Finance and Management Consulting at goetzpartners, since it requires a blend of in-depth industry insights, as well as financial modeling expertise. In addition our client has a fairly random way of changing the project scope, even every day! I’ve been learning a lot about how to communicate effectively within projects, and successfully manage client expectations.


goetzpartners provides lots of opportunity to experience other fields and disciplines. For example, I’ve spent a couple of months in Munich working with our Private Equity practice. It was a fantastic experience to collaborate with people from other offices on a daily basis. As the open, friendly culture at goetzpartners brings people together outside of work. Also. So we went out for drinks, sampled Bavarian food and did sports together as well. I was in Munich during the Oktoberfest season – a unique and unmissable experience!


I hold a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Darmstadt Technical University. I interned at ABB Switzerland Corporate Research, and wrote my master’s thesis at BMW Research and Innovation Centre. Then I spent three years at GE Global Research Center and GE Energy, working on projects in renewables, power conversion and EV. I’m always ready for a new challenge, so instead of continuing in industry, I decided to switch directions and move to the consulting side. My maxim is this quote from Thomas Jefferson: "if you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done".