Manager, Munich,
Management Consulting

Why goetzpartners

I wanted to be part of a growing business and involve myself in that growth, working with extraordinary people and finding inspiration for my own career. And, I wanted to work on international projects. goetzpartners could offer all this and much more. So my decision to join was an easy one.


My most challenging and exciting project so far took me around the world – from Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro, from Jakarta to Helsinki and back. I was only in my second year at goetzpartners at that time. There’s a lot of trust put in the people to apply their talents and rise up to the challenge. Through working at so many locations on the same project topic, I learned that the same business at the same client can still be totally different.


I’m actively engaged in the women@goetzpartners initiative, which aims to attract and attain more women for our exciting business. And like all my colleagues, I’m also involved in product development, such as creating an agility index for our customers. The goetzpartners’ culture also gives us lots of opportunities to exchange with colleagues, share experiences, and support each other beyond formal project structures.


Before joining goetzpartners, I did a PhD in Industrial Marketing at the University of Hohenheim. At that time, I’d already done various internships at companies including Volkswagen, TUI China and Hill & Knowlton. When I decided to move from an academic career to business practice to broaden my professional scope, joining goetzpartners was exactly the right decision. Since I’m a big fan of exploring the world, I’m thrilled about all the opportunities goetzpartners offers to work on international project assignments.