Analyst, Paris,
Corporate Finance

Why goetzpartners

goetzpartners has a great reputation and strong track record in France. That’s what first attracted me to the company. In the initial meeting, an interview for an internship, I was impressed by the friendly, engaging atmosphere – the people were open and approachable. It was certainly not what I’d been expecting, and it’s quite unusual for the world of Corporate Finance. After meeting the team, I was sure this was the company where I wanted to do my final internship and take up my first full-time position.


I’ve worked on a few quite different projects at goetzpartners, and they’ve all been exciting. But perhaps the most challenging for me so far was a cross-border deal involving the acquisition of a France-based private hospitals group by a Chinese private equity group. We had to work in a team with people from France and China to satisfy a very demanding client and resolve some complex issues. Not only did we have to contend with all the cultural differences and the project was running to a very tight deadline as we had just two weeks to prepare for the client’s investment committee and perform valuation models (full operating and LBO models).


For the past three years, I’ve had the additional responsibility of recruiting interns and analysts in our Paris office. This role has given me the opportunity to expand my outlook. I try to find the best people to help with the development of goetzpartners Paris. And I found it’s not just a question of the technical knowledge, but also finding people who share the same values as goetzpartners.


After a specialized master’s degree in Entrepreneurship at EMLyon, I spent a couple of months working at the school incubator on a project to create an online real-estate agency. The project was a fantastic learning experience and gave me a taste for challenges. After that, naturally, I decided to apply for M&A positions to build my resilience and stamina and learn to multi-task and manage projects.