Consultant, Dusseldorf, Management Consulting

Why goetzpartners

Before joining goetzpartners, I worked for one of the big consultancies. While working there, it didn’t take me long to realize that consulting itself was exactly my thing, but that I wanted to work a little differently: I wanted to take on more responsibility and have greater freedom and flexibility in my own work. That’s how I ended up at goetzpartners, because here junior colleagues can do exactly that. The company has a very lively entrepreneurial spirit, which gives junior colleagues in particular many opportunities to get involved in both client projects and the further development of their own company.

My most challenging project

As I work in the private equity practice at goetzpartners, my projects are usually of short duration, have a lot of time pressure, and involve a wide variety of industries. As a result, each project is very challenging in its own way in a very short period of time I have to dig deep, identify the specifics and context of the industry, and make recommendations. I like this way of working as I find it very diversified and intellectually enriching.

Beyond projects

goetzpartners offers many different opportunities to get involved that go beyond project work. For example, as a member of the “Industrials” industry group, I support the preparation of market studies, trend and position papers and surveys, which gives me the opportunity to develop professionally.


I also mentor our interns and am involved in recruiting our junior colleagues. In addition to the technical aspects, the interpersonal relationships often play an important role here, which I find very exciting.

My personal background

I earned my bachelor’s degree in economics and finance at Goethe University in Frankfurt. During my studies, I spent an exchange year at the University of Birmingham (UK). I used the time after my graduation for internships in management consulting and investment banking, as I was not yet 100% sure in which direction I wanted to go. Especially in direct comparison, my vote was clearly in favor of management consulting, and I decided to join goetzpartners directly to to gain professional experience before continuing my studies. goetzpartners offers a comprehensive training and development program, so that later I can get my MBA with financial and other support, which I am currently planning to do.