Consultant, Milan,
Management Consulting

Why goetzpartners

I’d already worked in Corporate Finance and was looking for experience in Management Consulting. So when I heard that goetzpartners worked in both disciplines, I was interested. It’s really unusual to have this opportunity. When I first met with the company, my impression was that this was a people-centred organization with a dynamic, can-do attitude. And this turned out to be the case!


I’d say my most challenging project was the sell-side mandate of an Italian producer of industrial machinery. It was a joint project for us – we members of the Consulting team were responsible for creating the business plan and doing the commercial due diligence; the Corporate Finance team was in charge of valuation and closing. Owing to my experience in Corporate Finance, I was fortunate enough to work in both areas, and was therefore involved in the entire process from start to finish.


Outside of projects, goetzpartners offers lots of opportunity for people to meet in different settings, get to know each other better, and forge contacts across the entire company. One highlight was the 2017 summer event in Sardinia, which brought together people from all the international offices for four fantastic days. We had the opportunity to attend speeches by top global personalities of the business world, each presenting his or her unique vision on diverse and stimulating topics. We all had a great time together.


I hold a bachelor’s Degree in International Management and a Master of Science Cum Laude in Corporate Finance from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. At university I participated in two international exchange programs, and lived for six months in the UK and six months in the USA. That gave me a fantastic grounding for the international outlook that cuts across the goetzpartners business. Before joining goetzpartners, I worked in Mergers & Acquisitions for a Milan-based boutique investment bank. I liked investment banking but I also wanted to work in consulting – goetzpartners offers a bit of both worlds.