Consultant, Milan, Management Consulting

Why goetzpartners

I always wanted to find a job that gave me enough autonomy to really influence the final outcome of a project and give a customer real added value. That is why I sent my application to goetzpartners and shortly afterwards, I joined the Milan office in the Private Equity Practice team. Ever since, I have been allowed to deal with different and challenging projects. This is what makes goetzpartners so special: Even as a junior, you notice the impact of your own work from the very beginning and are quickly given responsibility. In the same way, the opinions of younger colleagues are not only heard internally, but also appreciated.

My most challenging project

My most challenging project to date was a strategic due diligence for a French financial investor. In a very limited period of time, we had to make a holistic assessment of an international company active in the highly specialized in-vitro diagnostic market. In this context it was essential to prioritize the tasks to address the most relevant issues. We worked intensively for a few weeks, and I learned a lot about specific business models, market dynamics and company valuation. Fortunately, the commitment led to the successful closing of the deal.

Beyond projects

Aside from project work, I support the recruiting process for our Milan office, as we are constantly looking for brilliant, inspired, and motivated people. One of the most important, not work-related, activities with my colleagues is organizing soccer matches that keep us active and strengthen our team spirit. On Fridays we have an “aperitivo” meeting, which is always a great chance to exchange ideas and to talk about business and non-business topics.

My personal background

After graduating from high school, I started my bachelor’s studies in management engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin, specializing in supply chain management, and continued with my master’s degree in the same field. There, I enrolled in the innovation class, which brought me in touch with corporate finance and more business-related topics. I graduated with a degree in industrial engineering, but it was clear to me I wanted to work in the consulting business. After my career start in the automotive industry, I joined goetzpartners. Now, I mainly work on private equity projects, which I often tackle by leveraging both my tech and business backgrounds.