Manager, Dubai
Management Consulting

Why goetzpartners

Shortly before completing my bachelor’s degree a friend mentioned his job at goetzpartners and its unique culture to me. Luckily for me right at that moment the goetzpartners’ Gipfelstürmer event, which is a two-day recruiting event in the Bavarian Alps with group cases, interviews and outdoor challenges, was about to happen. I sent my application in, and shortly thereafter I had a phone interview and was invited to the event. It was the perfect chance to not only get to know the typical workday at goetzpartners, but also the exceptional spirit of the company. When I received the offer, it did not take me long to make up my mind. Even after four years of consulting the job continues to be incredibly versatile and no project resembles the next one.


A transformation project for an international mobile service provider, which is active in 12 countries worldwide. Our teams were present in every single one of the countries. Because of the high complexity, different time zones and cultures, a rigorous project management as well as a clean, comprehensive and often times also sensitive communication were vital to hold everything together and not lose any participant along the way. Fortunately, we managed well and were able to finish this exciting project quite well.


Aside from projects I am committed to the CSR initiative. Over the course of last year for example I supported the Change Management of one of our Pro-Bono projects at the SchlauSchule – a great project, where I was able to make use of quite a bit of business knowledge. We also organize time and time again nice events for children in need. Just recently we accompanied a group of children to a museum, which was good fun. Such experiences truly enrich me, especially in this fast-pacing consulting environment.


I completed my Bachelor at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt in Political Sciences. During my studies I already assisted with projects autonomously, which I had great fun doing. After my first internship in a consulting company I quickly knew that this was where I wanted to work later on. I am to this day fascinated by the thematic diversity, the very motivating colleagues and the feeling, always having one’s finger on the pulse of time. After two years at the Dusseldorf and one and a half years at the Frankfurt office, I switched thanks to the EXPAT-program to the Dubai Office. What an exciting experience to not only be on vacation in such a country, but actually get to know it through the business side.