Senior Consultant, Munich, Management Consulting

Why goetzpartners

I got to know goetzpartners at the HSG Career Days during my studies at the University of St. Gallen and had a very positive first impression. The people from goetzpartners were super-friendly and entrepreneurial and had an international outlook. I was curious and applied for an internship, which I got. It took me to Paris to work for an international client for two months. I still remember my excitement back then about the international work environment combined with the family-like atmosphere. And today I still value this special combination very much.

My most challenging project

Optimizing billing and accounts receivable for a telecommunications provider in West Africa was definitely my most challenging project to date. There were two main reasons for this: First, there was an extremely inadequate data basis; the entire billing run was carried out by hand and was constantly changing. In addition, there were the different cultural backgrounds and mentalities that had to be dealt with respectfully: The project required a lot of creativity, sensitivity, and perseverance in addition to specialist know-how. We were correspondingly proud that in the end we succeeded in sustainably improving the company’s processes.

Beyond projects

In addition to project work, team building is a very important topic for us: We regularly create events to exchange ideas and network, or my colleagues sometimes take the initiative themselves. One of my best memories of an event is definitely our time-honored Transalp ride: Once a year, colleagues, clients and alumni cycle over 250 kilometers from Munich to Italy – and every time it’s a great ride that creates a great sense of community.


Other highlights are the countless weekend trips with colleagues who have become real friends over the years. One example is our spontaneous weekend trip to Dakar, Senegal, during our project in West Africa, where we surfed during the day and enjoyed the lights of the city after dusk from the Phare des Marmelles (a Dakar lighthouse). That was a memorable start to the night.

My personal background

Before joining goetzpartners in 2017, I studied business administration with a focus on accounting and finance in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and Singapore. After completing several internships in industry and consulting, it quickly became clear to me that the dynamic, family-like, international environment of goetzpartners was exactly the right entry into professional life for me. To this day, I am very happy with my decision at that time.