Associate, Shanghai
Corporate Finance

Why goetzpartners

My first encounter with goetzpartners was as an intern in the Paris office. I was impressed how professional everyone was, how passionate the people were about what they did. So I knew goetzpartners was the right place for me. After I’d been in Paris a few months, I accepted an offer from the head of goetzpartners China. M&A activities have surged in China in recent years, and as a Germany-based firm, goetzpartners bridges the gap between the interested Chinese acquirers and high-quality European target companies. It provides comprehensive advice to make the cross-border transactions a success. This is exactly where I’d like to make an impact.


I was involved in a China-Europe joint venture project with goetzpartners Germany. Our goal was to help our German client to find the right partner to co-develop the radiopharmaceutical business in China. As the technology was quite new in China, it was difficult for potential partners to properly evaluate this opportunity. They simply weren’t familiar with the product. So we accompanied our client on a series of roadshows to explain the business to potential partners, and outlined the opportunities of targeted radiotherapy. Another challenge was the difference in culture. In this project, an essential part of our work was to reconcile the different mindsets and practices and to smooth the communication between the Chinese and European companies.


It’s never just about projects at goetzpartners. The company also provides excellent opportunities for further training and professional development to suit individual talents and aspirations. For example, I participate in local finance, investment and entrepreneurs forums, and goetzpartners provides sponsorship for various M&A clubs and networking activities. I’m also in the process of becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) with the support of goetzpartners – for example, I’m given time off for preparation.


I grew up in China, but studied in Europe and graduated from HEC Paris with a master’s degree in international finance. Before joining goetzpartners, I did internships at the French investment bank Credit Agricole, and the investment company AXA Invest. While at university, I took the opportunity to travel extensively – and travelled to most European countries and to North Africa. At university, I was an active member of a society for the disabled to promote the social inclusion of our differences.