Senior Consultant, Frankfurt, Management Consulting

Why goetzpartners

Shortly before I graduated with my master’s degree, I heard about goetzpartners ‘Gipfelstürmer’ event, a two-day recruiting activity in the Bavarian Alps with a group case study, individual interviews, an outdoor challenge, and a cozy evening in a mountain chalet. It sounded exciting, so I applied and a few weeks later I was standing on the summit with 15 fellow participants. I had a very positive impression from the first moment on: The atmosphere was good, and the team was very friendly, open and interested. These were two intensive days. I had a great opportunity to get a good picture of the corporate culture and project work at goetzpartners. When I got the job offer, I didn’t have to think twice and accepted immediately. That was a few years ago – and I am still enthusiastic about the work environment and all the exciting projects here.

My most challenging project

At goetzpartners, I have experienced a wide range of different projects so far – from classic industry to chemistry to TMT in locations such as New York in the US, Guinea and, sometimes, Oberderdingen in Germany.

In fact, my most challenging project was in Guinea. Our project goal was to increase the profitability of a global TMT company’s local unit and accelerate its growth path. Our work focused on top- and bottom-line optimization. I was responsible for the local unit’s sales, marketing, enterprise business, customer relations, legal and HR departments. Dealing with the various stakeholders was very challenging, plus there were cultural differences to consider. During this time, I learned a lot professionally and especially personally. And after the goals were fully achieved at the end of the project, it wasn’t just our customer who was very satisfied, but also the whole project team.

Beyond projects

At goetzpartners, social commitment is firmly anchored in the corporate culture and there is an extensive CSR program. This excited me from the start. Right at the beginning, I got involved with Plant-a-Talent, an initiative that supports refugees with CV and interview workshops to help them start their careers. In the meantime, I have become part of the CSR core team and am responsible for the various initiatives in our Frankfurt office. We also organize regular CSR breakfasts to inform our colleagues about current projects and initiatives, to share lessons learned and, of course, to inspire even more colleagues to join the program.

My personal background

I completed my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at RWTH Aachen University and followed this with an internship in the UK in the field of project management. My master’s degree studies included automotive engineering as well as management, business and economics in parallel so I could further expand my business background. In various internships in the consulting environment, this combination in particular proved to be very helpful, which is why I decided to join goetzpartners. Now, after almost four years, I’m still very happy with this decision.